The Jelenice village lies circa 6.5 km north-east from Vítkov in the altitude of 521 m. On the place of the today's Jelenice, the village named Fojtovice (Vojtovice), belonging to Hradec domain until 1584, was situated. During Thirty Years' War, the village became completely desolated and disappeared. In the place of former Fojtovice, the suzerain established a farmstead, inhabited only by few people. Before 1720, count Erdman Christopher Pruskovský of Proskov settled in the farmstead. In 1782, the farmstead was closed by Charles of Lichnov, the land was subdivided and on this place, Jelenice village was established. The first written note about Hirchsdorf (Hirschdorffio) is found in the Registry record from 21st February 1783.

Jelenice was a small German village, after 1918, populated by a strong Czech minority. In 1834, Jelenice had 200 inhabitants and in 1889, 178 inhabitants living in 23 houses. According to the census in 1921, 46 persons were Czech and 97 were German, out of the total of 145 inhabitants. Until 1930, the number increased to 166 of which 81 were Czech and 85 were German; the number of houses reached 41. It used to be a small foothill agricultural village with a large forest area in the cadaster. In 1900, the total of 242 ha of the farmland comprised of 150 ha of the forest, 85 ha of the fields, 5 ha of the meadows and 2 ha of the gardens; also 12 horses, 116 heads of bovine and 85 heads of sheep were bred in the village. The forest district was a part of the Hradec manor.

Regarding the church administration, this entirely Catholic village belonged to the parsonage of St. Nicolas in Březová. Between 1836 and 1899, a primary school was founded, between 1925 and 1938, Czech minority school and in 1936, a bourgeois school was open.

In the village, a fire society, Deutscher Kulturverband and an agrarian society were operating. In the inter-war period, the strongest political parties were BdL, DCV and in 1939 also SdP. Jelenice was liberated on 2nd May 1945. The majority of the original inhabitants were deported and the village was newly populated. In the elections in 1946, out of the total of 30 voters, 13 voted for ČSL (People's party), 13 for KSČ (Communist party) and 4 for ČNS (National Socialists). In 1950, Jelenice had 112 inhabitants living in 30 houses. According to the census from 1st December 1970, there were 24 houses, 25 flats and 105 inhabitants. On 1st January 2000, Jelenice had 99 people.


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