Nové Těchanovice

Nové Těchanovice (earlier known as Nové Čechovice, in German, Neu Zechsdorf, respectively Neuzechsdorf) is situated circa 4 km northwest of Vítkov in the altitude of 504 m. The first records date from 1414. From 1431 when Mnišek of Těchanovice sold Staré and Nové Těchanovice to Dětoch of Šumvald, the village shared its history with Svatoňovice village, respectively with Vikštejn domain. In 1516, Staré and Nové Těchanovice were held by Wenceslaus of Fulštejn, as a bail from Bernard Bírka of Násile. After the division of the domain in 1671, Nové Těchanovice were assigned to Helen Catherine Oderská and by the end of 17th century, the village became a part of Vikštejn domain again. In 1708, the village, including the Čermná domain, was assigned to Helen Catherine's daughter, Mary Frances. From 2nd half of 18th century, it belonged to Melč farmstead.

It used to be a small agricultural village under the mountains with a tradition of slate mining. In 1990, the total of 632 ha of the farmland comprised of 340 ha of the fields,159 ha of the forest, 100 ha of the meadows, 25 ha pastures and 8 ha of the gardens; and 49 horses, 345 heads of bovine and 148 heads of sheep were bred in the village. In 1856, there were 100 employees working in slate mining and in 1900, there were already 3 slate mines. Nové Těchanovice was almost an entirely German village. In 1880, 447 inhabitants, of German nationality, lived in 88 houses. According to the census in 1921, there were 92 houses and out of 408 inhabitants, only 7 were Czech and 400 were German. In 1889, a fire society was founded and one year later, an agrarian society originated. There used to be St. Nicolas church in Nové Těchanovice. In 1785, a parsonage was built. The primary school, consisting of one classroom, was constructed in 1840-1855.

In the inter-war period, the strongest political party was Deutsche Nationalpartei (DNP), however, DCV also received a considerable number of votes. The elections in 1935 were won by SdP. The village was liberated on 5th May 1945. The majority of the original inhabitants were deported and the village was newly populated. In the elections in 1946, out of the total of 68 voters, 28 voted for KSČ, 17 for ČSL, 16 for ČSD and 7 for ČNS. In 1950, there were 265 inhabitants living in 77 houses. According to the census from 1st December 1970, there were 31 houses with 142 inhabitants. On 1st January 2000, Těchanovice had 112 people.

Nové Těchanovice gained its independence in 1850 when also villages Zálužná and Lhotka (until 1867) were added.



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