Rock climbing

The nearest climbing area is the training climbing rocks in Kružberk. The rocks are sited nearby Kružberk reservoir that supplies Opava and Ostrava regions as well as Moravice rivers. They are ca. 14 km distant from Vítkov. Close to the river stands a guesthouse "Velké sedlo". Apart from accommodation and catering, the guesthouse offers various sports facilities: tennis, football tennis, bowling, darts, pool, etc. and on your request, also horse riding. Velké sedlo operates all year round.


Terrain features

The Kružberk training rock is a formation of older structures, denudated by the process of water erosion of the Moravice river. They are mainly formed by various slate/greywacke structures. The structure of the denudation, located below the reservoir dam, is classified as foliated greywacke (i. e. minor non-foliated greywacke), which is expressed in natural bedding and foliation of the rock, being structured into separate layers of various thickness. In some parts, there are great cracks present, as well as numerous layers, which offers a number of climbing routes.

Kružberk training rocks are divided into 3 parts:

1. Žabí kůň rock (Frog horse): a rock rib with a wooden handrail around a trigonometrical point, in its left part.
On the top of the rock, one of the heigh points for the reservoir measurement purposes is located. This heigh point is also a place with a beautiful view of Kružberk reservoir and its vicinage.

2. Main massif rock: separated from the Žabí kůň rock by a wide dry valley covered with grass. There is a cave complex situated in the central part of the massif foot, with an entrance nearby the road. Right above the cave entrance you can see a wall, approx. 25 m of height, which results into a rock pillar, of approx. 50M of height. The pillar is leaning towards the slope with its smooth-surfaced wall, in the direction out of the road. Separated by a chimney rock, on the right hand side of the pillar there is a small rock body called Kostolík

3. Rozlámaná: a wall within the cracky rocks complex, on the right side of the Main massif.

4. Horní stěnky: cliffs upon Rozlámaná rock. A few training ascents with no climbing significance.


Ascent routes are fixedly insured with anchors, rings and rivets, the belaying can be improved by slings and nuts/hexes. The most of the ascent can be climbed without a use of anchors. Ladders and slings are used only for both ascents in the cave. Ascent routes are numbered, each rock formation individually, from left to right beginning with no.1. The difficulty of the routes is ranged II to VI.


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