Fishing and hunting

In Vítkov region are numerous opportunities for fishing and hunting. A magnificient landscape of Moravice river valley, but also hills and forests of Odra heights and Vítkov highlands make these activities even more attractive.

Recreational fishing:

Fishing opportunities:

  • Moravice river (white and trout water);
  • Local reservoir Balaton (whitewater);
  • Lobník reservoir, a part of Kružberk reservoir (white water, fishing only with a local fishing certificate);
  • Gundramovice pond (whitewater);
  • Budišovka river (trout water).

Other fishing opportunities nearby are in Slezská Harta circa 40 km on the west of Vítkov; also in Odra region, in Emauzy, Odra river, circa 18 km on the east of Vítkov.


The fishing certificates can be purchased at the local branch of Czech Fishing Association

  • Fishing certificates for Czech Republic tel.: 556 309 508  ;
  • Fishing certificates for Lobník reservoir, tel.: 604 517 413  or 737 210 945  .

Recreational hunting:

There is a high number of clove-hoofed game in Vítkov region; i. e. roe deer, red deer, fallow deer, wild boar (European wild swine) or mouflon.

Vítkov region is divided into 21 hunts, 2 of them being game-parks.

Obtain a contact for a user of each hunt at the local Environment Department, Mr. Foltis, tel.: 556 312 267  or in the internet database of Czech hunts at


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