Mobile Tourist Guide

The mobile tourist guide allows users of smartphones and tablets running Android to display a tourist map with your current location, including individual points of interest. It provides information about important sites in text, images, and especially voice in several languages.

The application can be updated via the Internet in advance and then used even without any GSM signal or mobile network data.

The application can serve as a voice guide around town and its surroundings. After approaching a site, it will automatically display and read aloud detailed information regarding the location. The voice function is not based on MP3, it uses artificial synthesis of speech from text.

Furthermore, the application can display a current program of local cultural events.


Main Advantages

  • High-quality tourist maps
  • Off-line mode (the application works in the field even without any signal)
  • Voice guide (MP3/speech synthesis)
  • Multi-language version
  • Updated tourist destinations (POIs) from the town's website 
  • Displaying current cultural events in the nearby area


How to Get the Mobile Tourist Guide

The application is designed for all types of smartphones running Android and is for free.

Simply search for "mobile guide Galileo" on Google Play and follow the instructions for your device.

We recommend using Wi-Fi due to the big volume of downloaded data!

The data files do not need to be downloaded or installed manually. The application includes an automatic data manager to install updates by itself. After installing the application on your mobile phone, just go to Settings – Data Manager and download the latest maps and data. Using the data manager is more user friendly. We recommend using Wi-Fi due to the big volume of downloaded data.


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