Nature Park 'Moravice'

Location and areaThe area of Moravice Nature Park is located in the northern part of Nízký Jeseník mountains in the Opava region. The Park is bordered with several road lines. It lies on the area of 14.250 ha on 'Moravice Valley' (since 1982) and Raduňky (since 1987), former Rest Areas.

Landscape featuresThe natural Moravice river channel which has formed a river valley in the central part of the park is a typical feature of the entire area that has given a name to it.

A significant landscape feature is especially formed by valley meadows, debris forests and slate quarries, on the slopes. In highlands, we can find mainly remaining meadows and pastures, lanes along field paths on the peneplanes but mainly vast woodlands (up to 50 % of the park area). Populations of floodplain forests are bound on watercourse valleys. Populations of hornbeam and oak are concentrated mainly on the left Moravice river valley side. Floriferous beech populations we find mainly on the right-side slopes of Moravice river represent the original beech vegetation.

Flora and faunaThe vegetation character is affected not only by natural conditions but also human activities, especially utilising landscape.

In the area, we can also find endangered and decreasing species, e.g. spring snowflake, ostrich fern, marsh plant and perennial honesty. In this foothill landscape, rarely also some mountain species can be seen, e. g. valeriana tripteris, veratrum lobelianum, black-berried honeysuckle and greater medow-rue; as to the mushroom species i. e. rare buchwaldoboletus and colourful hygrocybes. In the area, there is a great diversity of insect species. Favourable climate, geo-morphological structure of the area as well as the variety of plant community allow even mountain species to survive.

Regarding vertebrates, the occurrence of e.g. fire salamander, slow worm, European nightjar and black stork was proved. Also, three kinds of forest dormouse and European badger can be found.

Particularly protected areas

For the protection of natural populations of forests and rare plants, three Nature Reserves: Kaluža, Valach and Nové Těchanovice were established in the late 1960s. The most valuable National Nature Reserve Kaluža is also an important ornithofauna biotope.


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