Occurance of bats

In the area around Zálužné, there is the largest wintering of Barbastelle bat in Moravia. Former slate quarries creates ideal conditions for the wintering of bats. The depth of the mine is circa 80 meters and it comprises three levels of quarry passages, more than 2 km of the length in total. The quarry has been monitored by Bohumín potholes since 1976, who also conduct regular inspections of the quarry.

The number of the bats now exceeds 1,000; it was found 30 – 50 % of wintering bats. Due to a large size of this site with 20 meters high ceilings and an extensive rugged stone base, the bats are hiding very deep, away from the human sight.

In this site, over ten kinds of bats can be found, out of which, Barbastella barbastellus bat prevails, but also northern bat (Eptesicus nillsoni) appears in large numbers.

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