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Budišovka river and Klokočov landscape

Budišovka river (from Čermenský mill to Hadinka)

The river flows through a grass valley floodplain bordered by forest from both sides. In its lower reach, meanders (rivers bends) are formed in several places; the river canal with a stone bottom is three meters wide there. The bank vegetation consists mainly of crack willow and grey willow. From the left, Budišovka river gains three tributaries: the stream flowing into Budišovka on the forest margin near rock islands; the stream flowing through the Baletkova dolina valley; and the stream originating in Klokočov under the sanatorium and bordering the pathway to Hadinka. From the right, the river gains two stream of smaller importance: one behind Čermenský mill and another one, without a permanent canal, bordering the pathway from the eastern part of Nové Oldřůvky village to the river.

The grass valley floodplain of Budišovka is bordered by forest from both sides. The soil here is waterlogged, in some parts, lost its natural vegetation cover. We can find mostly downy burdock, ragwort, stinging nettle, red canary grass, comfrey and ground-elder. Nearby Hadinka can be found St John's wort, brown knappweed, smooth meadow-grass, lady's mantle, red clover and blackberry bush.



  • The stream that flows through the Baletkova dolina valley originates north-west of Klokočov bordering the field pathway and flowing into Budišovka 0.5 km north of Hadinka. The stream canal is1 meter wide and its bottom is formed by stone and, in some places, by mud. Along the stream you can see mainly red cannary grass, touch-me-not balsam and male fern.
  • The stream originating under the sanatorium in Klokočov forms a left-side tributary of Budišovka river. It flows through the forest along the Klokočov-Hadinka road and joins the river near the sanatorium, circa 50 meters of the swimming-pool 'U Hadinky'. In some places, this stream forms wetlands and in its lower reach, a grass floodplain. Herbs growing along the stream: ground-elder, creeping thistle, downy burdock, red canary grass, thistle.

Rock island

The rock formation on the left side of the Klokočov-Hadinka road, nearby the meadow.
The rock island is ten meters high and twenty meters wide. The surrounding vegetation includes Karelian birch, Norway spruce, fall dandelion and bracken.



The groves along the asphalt road, Klokočov-Hadinka, are formed by sycamore maple, European larch, red elderberry and rose hip; in the under-storey, we can find mugwort, ground-elder, smooth-meadow grass, white deadnettle and orchard grass.



The meadows in Hadinka and in Budišovka surroundings including their tributaries are mainly natural and not used. The vegetation here consists of ground-elder, comfrey, stinging nettle, brown knappweed, winter vetch, arctium majus and cabbage thistle.

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