A beautiful landscape around Vítkov town offers various hiking opportunities: Be it the picturesque Moravice river valley or a rugged terrain of Odra highlands, on margin of which the town lies. Vítkov region is run through by several marked tourist routes: the most interesting one leads along Moravice river, on its both sides, from Kružberk reservoir through “Jánské koupele” and Podhradí, up to Hradec nad Moravicí.


Regarding tourism, this area is rather attractive; in summer time we have noticed increasing number of tourists.

Here are a few trip ideas:

  • Trip to the Museum of clay slate in Budišov nad Budišovkou;
  • Trip to Kružberk reservoir;
  • Trip to Maria Talhof;
  • Trip to the castle in Hradec nad Moravicí;
  • Tip for an unconventional trip: Odra basin by train.


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