Town guide

The town sightseeing tour begins at Jan Zajíc's Square. In Vítkov town, you can see numerous monuments and sights, but you can also visit various sport facilities, e.g. tennis courts, volleyball court, miniature golf, U ramp, football sports club Vítkov stadium or outdoor swimming-pool.

The tour ends also at Jan Zajíc's Square with town Municipality and Information Centre in its left corner.

1. St. Florian Statue
2. Cemetery Wall with Entrance Gate
3. Church Stone Cross
4. Cemetery Church of Virgin Mary's Ascension
5. Christ's Statue
6. The Tomb of Jan Zajíc
7. Parish Church of the Virgin Mary's Ascension
8. Saint Marcus Statue
9. Crucifix
10. Eduard Schön Engelsberg Bust
11. Park in Husova street with statues of Shepherdess
12. Cinema
13. The Statue of J. H. Pestalozzi
14. Town Municipality

Town guide

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