Water sports

Vítkov lies in a diverse terrain of Vítkov highlands, a part of Nízký Jeseník mountains. Surrounding landscape is dramatically divided by two rather deep valleys of rivers Moravice and Odra.

Water sports

On Moravice river, Kružberk reservoir has been built to supply Opava and Ostrava regions with drinking water . Its construction, together with adjacent cottage areas, significantly affected the natural landscape character.

After the spring thaw, large amount of water streams through Moravice river canal from the hills around. Therefore, Podhradí borough livens with tourism yet in the spring. Cottage areas fill again and the most eager visitors set out to the countryside even while there is still snow on the edge of the forest.

Water sports

In 1992, Moravice valley was declared a Nature Park named "Moravice". In spring, Moravice river is navigable and it provides good conditions for water tourism.

Opening of river Moravice usually takes place one weekend in April. Traditionally, the opening was celebrated at Easter. Nowadays, the date is set according to the situation on the river forecast by the Odra Basin dispatching. Throughout the year, several water trips down Moravice river are organised and the season is closed again one weekend in September.

Information on the Moravice river conditions are available at "Povodí Odry" company website:

Information on organised water trips down Moravice river available at the website of the water tourism association "CAMPANULA":
also at the water tourism portal:


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