The Lhotka village lies circa 3 km north-west from Vítkov in the altitude of 489 m. The First record about Lhotka dates from 1377 (known as Nicoschaw) when it belonged to Vikštejn. The village shared its history with Vikštejn domain until 1708 when Anthony Ferdinand Erdman Oderský of Lideřov sold the domain. Afterwards, Villages Lhotka, Radkov and Vikštejn were assigned to Mary Frances von Reich as parts of farmstead Čermná. Later, Lhotka was bought, together with Radkov and Vikštejn, by Anthony Mathias, baron Mitrovský of Nemyšle.

In the chapel of St. Cross, you can see a remarkable painting by I. Günther from 1777. In1782, a late Baroque church with a wooden portal and a square tower was built in Lhotka.

Until 1867, when gained independence, Lhotka belonged to Nové Těchanovice. It was a small, entirely German village. In 1834, Lhotka had 132 inhabitants and 20 houses. According to the census in 1921, 211 persons were German and only 1 was Czech, out of the total of 215 inhabitants. In 1930, there was 59 houses and out of 220 inhabitants, still only 1 person was Czech. Lhotka was an agricultural village with a large forest area in its cadaster. In 1900, the total of 428 ha of farmland comprised of 204 ha of the fields, 139 ha of the forest, 69 ha of the meadows, 11 ha of the pastures and 5 ha of the gardens; also 21 horses, 224 heads of bovine and 101 heads of sheep were bred in the village. In the same year, Lhotka had a primary school, a mill, a saw mill, and a slate mine.Later another saw mill was built. In the inter-war period, the strongest political party was DNP and in 1935, the elections winner was SdP.

The village was liberated on 5th May 1945. The majority of the original inhabitants were deported and the village was newly populated. In the elections in 1946, out of the total of 78 voters, 38 voted for ČSL, 24 for KSČ, 7 for ČSD and 7 for ČNS. In 1950, Lhotka had 188 inhabitants. In 1969, a slate mine (slate extraction and processing) construction was initiated by "Štěrkovny a pískovny Olomouc", a national corporation processing gravel and sand. The mining begin in 1973. According to the census from 1st December 1970, there were 23 houses, 24 flats and 97 inhabitants. On 1st January 2000, Lhotka had 67 people.


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