Prostřední Dvůr

Prostřední Dvůr village is situated circa 2.5 km east of Vítkov. The first record about the village dates from 1806. Prostřední Dvůr shared its history with Horní Ves village (Oberdorf, in German) in the past. Other villages belonging to Horní Ves were also Nýtek (until 1919, named Šajblov, Scheibenhof, in German) and Veselka (until 1919, named Šnekovec, Schneckenhof, in German). On 1st March 1950, Prostřední Dvůr had 33 houses with 122 inhabitants and according to the census on 1st December 1970, there were 108 inhabitants living in 28 houses. To 1st January 2000, 83 persons lived in Prostřední Dvůr.


A small village connected with Prostřední Dvůr by a road which is the only link to Vítkov or to Větřkovice and further to Opava. The road surface is asphalt and its trenches have been. It is 4 m wide and bordered by a birch, lime, sorbus and cherry tree alley.
In Veselka, there is a magnificent view on the Nature Park Moravice valley.

Remarkable natural features

  • North-west of Prostřední Dvůr, in the corner of the forest, a typical forest stream 1.7 km long springs. It flows east into Nýtek village and it joins the side channel of Moravice as its right side tributary.
  • Veselka stream with features of a forest stream springs in the forest west of Veselka village. Its flow is 0.8 km long and it joins Moravice river as its right side tributary.
  • Veselka is surrounded by meadows, groves and solitary trees (wild plum and pear trees). The meadows are semi-natural (mown twice a year) and spread up to the spinney on the edge of the forest.
  • The forest covers a vast area. Primarily, there were floriferous beech forests, in places, detritus forests (mostly by Moravice river). The forest structure changed due to the forest treatment. On the steep slopes along the river, beech mixed with other broad-leaf trees prevail. There are also large areas of spruce forest with a mix of larch, oak and alder.


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