Vítkov railway

On 4th March 1836, the emperor Ferdinand granted a privilege for the construction of so-called 'Northern railway' in the route Vienna – Přerov – Bohumín.

Once the Northern railway including its main diversions completed, the construction of local tracks was initiated in 1880s. The first completed local track was the one connecting Suchdol nad Odrou station and Nový Jičín, yet in 1880. Other local railways, Suchdol – Fulnek and Suchdol – Budišov were innaugurated on 15th October 1891; thanks to which, Suchdol, although a small village, became a significant local railway junction.

The railway Suchdol - Budišov is 39 km long and it comprises 10 stations and stops in total. Its construction, however, was not quite a smooth matter. After several years of negotiations, promises and postponements, in spring 1890, the building works were finally initiated. The railway was built by Neberle company and funded by the 'Ferdinand's Northern railway' company. The railway construction, despite carried out with no machinery, was unbelievably short, it lasted only one and a half year.

The first ride of the steam train, for all the town citizens, was a significant event. Arriving trains were greeted by groups of citizens, school children, representatives of various associations and town and village authorities; the bands were playing, speeches were made and festive banquets were held.

During the war, fortunately, neither the railway nor the bridges suffered any damage, thus its trial operation could have been initiated. On 22th May 1945, the trial train with no number or indication was launched in order to test the railway functionality. On 1st June, the passenger transport was initiated again.

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