Moravice Microregion

Members of the Rural Microregion Moravice

  • Budišov nad Budišovkou
  • Branka u Opavy
  • Březová
  • Čermná ve Slezsku
  • Kružberk
  • Melč
  • Mikolajice
  • Moravice
  • Nové Lublice
  • Radkov
  • Raduň
  • Skřípov
  • Svatoňovice
  • Staré Těchanovice
  • Větřkovice
  • Vítkov


Governing Bodies of the Microregion

Registered Office:

Město Vítkov

náměstí Jana Zajíce 7

749 01 Vítkov


The microregion is represented by the town of Vítkov, and in the implementation of this agreement by the statutory representatives or their authorized persons.

Focus of the Microregion

Assistance and coordination in solving problems in all areas of the microregion and preparation of projects for obtaining support from the state and EU funds for the agriculture and rural development.

Statutes of the Microregion

The microregion is a voluntary and open association of towns and municipalities in the Vítkov and Budišov area.

The participants to the agreement have resolved that the microregion will be represented by the town of Vítkov, which will also be the recipient of all financial support for the microregion's projects. This association is open for other municipalities in the microregion. Membership in the association can be established by written accession to this agreement (or terminated by written notice of withdrawal from the agreement). In taking decisions on the microregion's matters, each participant has one vote. To adopt a decision, a majority of votes of the participants is required.

Welcome to the Microregion Moravice

This beautiful and hospitable area has its unique character. The backbone of the microregion is formed by the Moravice river with its numbers meanders located in a deep rocky valley. In 1994, the Natural Park Moravice was officially established – the largest and most valuable protected area in the Opava region. The whole area of the microregion Moravice is a popular tourist destination. There are the ruins of the Vikštejn castle standing on the steep rock hill near Podhradí.

This microregion has also a rich mining tradition with interesting sites for keen geologists. The romantic landscape is complemented by old heaps of extracted roofing slate, abandoned mines, and lakes hidden in the shade of trees. The old miners' towns of Budišov nad Budišovkou and Vítkov are also a starting point for a walk around the Kružberk dam.

In this picturesque region spent her childhood Joy Adamson, a granddaughter of a local entrepreneur named Weisshuhn. In her books, Adamson recalled this happy period throughout her entire life. Similarly, the poet Petr Bezruč drew inspiration from the local landscape while staying in Branka u Opavy, when he mentioned Hradec nad Moravicí, Žimrovice, Melč, Radkov, Klokočov, Čermná ve Slezsku, and Branka u Opavy in his Silesian Songs. In every season, you will certainly find here plenty of little things that will forever linger in your memory.


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