There is a 1,200 m long nature trail leading through the central part of the Moravice Natural Park, the valley of the Moravice river in Vítkov-Podhradí, Annina Dolina, and near the ruins of the Vikštejn Castle (the whole promontory on which stands the ruins of this castle from the 13th century is an interesting natural and historical area). It is located on the Territory Dubová of the Forests of the Czech Republic.

It starts opposite of the former quarry in Annina Dolina near Farm Grim at an altitude of 340 m. From the central station, set out 100 m down the road upstream the Moravice river towards Podhradí. Here, before a small bridge on the right, there is the second stop on the nature trail. After crossing the brook that flows from upper Dubová, pass through the valley (ravine) upstream the brook. After the first 200 m, it is necessary to take extra care during the steep climb in the rubble. After that there stands the thirds stop. Then follows a mild rising to the fourth stop, and when you get to the fifth stop, you will already have exceeded 100 m elevation and left the valley. After turning left along the forest path, you will reach the top of the climb (476 metres above the sea level). Then you have only the last 150 m to the final stop at the field station of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation (470 m).

The local abundant species of woody plants include common beech, European hornbeam, and wych elm.

In the vicinity of the trail, it is possible to catch sight of animals such as stag beetle, fire salamander, red squirrel, pine marten, salamander, red squirrel, or roe deer. As for birds, there are common buzzard, red-breasted flycatcher, eagle owl, wood nuthatch, great spotted woodpecker, hawfinch, or magpie.

The guide will provide you with general information about the entire Moravice Natural Park as well as about the places where the trail leads. Very interesting is also the meander of the Moravice river in Annina Dolina.



From Podhradí (part of Vítkov) about 1 km down the road to Annina Dolina or from the ruins of the Vikštejn Castle in Radkov – Dubová.

We recommed starting from the ruins of the Vikštejn Castle.


Established by/in

District Office Opava/2000


72/06 ZO ČSOP Opava

Length (km)


Number of stops



Vítkov – Podhradí, Annina Dolina by the quarry


Ruins of the Vikštejn Castle


nature, history, botany, zoology

Trail type

on foot only


difficult – steep climbing

Duration (estimated)

about 1 hour


red arrow in white box + panels


yes - Ekocentrum Vikštejn, MIC Hradec n. M.

Visit time

spring – autumn


spring – autumn

Opening hours




+420 553 713 531

Source: Moravian-Silesian Region



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