Waters and surrounding landscape

Kaménka stream

This stream springs from the swamped meadows near Nové Vrbno. It flows through Vítkov Balaton and it continues to the smaller fishing pond. In the past, it used to have a lot of water, although, nowadays, it is drying out and turning into a seasonal stream with a minimum amount of water. Its weak flow appears before it reaches the fishing pond; further ahead, it strengthens and it flows into the Čermná stream as its left-side tributary. The stream channel is, in this stage, natural. Under the dam it was discovered the presence of crayfish.

Rather wide bank vegetation is growing along the stream channel, beginning under the Vítkov Balaton dam and ending in front of the pond. Regarding trees, mainly alder, poplar, ash and birch can be find there; as to the herb under-storey, nettle, sagebrush, burdock, thistle and yarrow grow there.


The right-side tributary of the Kaménka stream

This tributary drains away water from forest wetlands located in coniferous forests on the left of the Vítkov – Fulnek road.

'Vítkov Balaton' reservoir

The reservoir was built in 1970s and it has become a popular recreational resort. In its west part, the water is kept by a 10 meters high stone dam with a floodgate.
The bank vegetation is formed by a semi-natural, mowed meadow (used for leisure activities) and a grove with alder, birch, willow and mountain ash grown into a spruce vegetation mixed with pine. The south-east bank is formed by natural growing grass vegetation with raspberry, rose hip and elderberry bush. The shrub layer is formed by male fern and the canopy is represented by alder, birch, mountain ash and oak.


Fishing pond

The pond is managed by Czech Fishing Union, MO Vítkov. It is used for fish breeding. Its dam together with the floodgate are situated in its west part. The north bank is formed by thin vegetation of spruce and birch with raspberry and blackberry bush and the south bank, by alder, oak, poplar and birch. The vegetation is growing into older forest growth.


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